Technical IT Security Consultancy Services

Investments in technical IT security assessments are not a one-time event, but a continuous periodic process.

About us

Working in the field of technical IT security requires continuous knowledge updating, due to its constant and rapid growth. To be able to deliver services of high quality, continuous investments in this activity, in terms of time and money, are a must.
Lighthouse IT Security heavily focuses on continous learning (50%), in order to be able to deliver high-quality services (50%).

Our Mission

The goal of performing technical IT security assessments (penetration tests) is to provide measures, which, once (properly) implemented, will keep the risk, involved with conducting business using various IT technologies, within acceptable boundaries.
The mission of Lighthouse IT Security is to deliver technical IT security assessments and consultancy services of high quality.



Infrastructure (network) penetration testing

Tests which assess the current state of the client’s IT infrastructure, from a technical IT security perspective.


Operating system hardening

Windows OS hardening services for client and server systems.


End-user education

Multiple courses, which cover various topics of technical IT security, relevant for end users/company employees.

As of 2022, Lighthouse IT Security delivers services to EU, US and Middle East markets.

In case you require professionally delivered penetration testing services, at a competitive price, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information and availability.

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New services

The list of offered services now includes Windows OS hardening and end-user education.


PACES certified!

As of July 9, 2022, Lighthouse IT Security is PACES certified.


Market expansion

Expansion to US and Middle East markets.


Barabbas released!

Barabbas is an open source minimalistic web server, used for file transfer (download; upload).


Open for business!

Offered services currently include infrastructure penetration tests (internal, external).


Service delivery status update + discount in 2021

Delivery of services to clients can be expected from May/June 2021 onwards.


Web site operational

The web site is (finally) up and running.